Norner AS

Информация о торгах полимерными материалами

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    Norner AS

    Asdalstrand 291

    +47 35 57-8000

    We carry out product testing and material evaluation. Norner has an injection moulding test centre where our customers carry out a variety of trials, take advantage of our competence and run full development projects. Our services: Projects and services New product and packaging developments Material evaluation, selection and validation Technical assistance and problem solving Project partner or project manager Evaluation of machines and moulds, design and do purchasing Moulds design assistance and start up Prototype and small scale production Various product and material tests Advanced failure analysis and problem solving Courses Basic injection moulding, machine – cycle – mould Clamping force calculation – machine selection Trouble shooting Flow and filling studies Systematic start up procedure Material knowledge, properties and test methods Special techniques Tailor made course adapted to customer needs Moldflow Carry out and advice based on moldflow analyzes



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